« No more past, no more present,
time stood still »

~Patrick Modiano

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  • Marrakech as you have never seen!

    Riad Tibibt Marrakech, Riad Marrakech

    Want to spice up your stay by living different experiences?

    Riad Tibibt offers you the possibility to discover the true MARRAKECH, as you have never seen it!

    Art lovers, food enthusiasts, or lovers of excitement, original experiences and full of surprises await you…

    Have you ever dreamed of discovering a real oriental hammam, as if you were slipping into an Ingres painting? Do you like fine wines? Morocco cultivates its vines since antiquity, we will make you discover their unique flavours! And why not visit the palace that served as a backdrop for Ali Baba, which is close to the Riad! Want a royal Moroccan cuisine? We provide you it, Fatima is an outstanding cook!
    Or maybe you want an history like 1001 Nights? Our suites will take you there…

    From the sophistication to the unexpected, come and choose the offer that best suits your desire for unusual and orient… Contact us at riadtibibt@yahoo.fr