Maiya Suite

Maya is like a wild, male and brutal dream, coming out of the Egyptian Campaign. Like the room of a General of the Imperial Army the day after the battle of Aboukir. Everything is here in pure Directoire style with Orientalist points: a large black metal canopy bed inspired by that of Bonaparte in the countryside, an order studded with red leather, the walls upholstered with leopard or red, reminiscent of the saddle pads of Dragons, old engravings of LeBrun, Cairo, Aboukir and the encyclopaedic dictionary.
In the background, behind an Oriental door, there is the small bathroom with its walk-in shower. An Engraving of Antinoe ... From its three windows, Mayia overlooks the patio, banana leaves and birds singing.

Connected by the large gallery to Sloum, they can constitute a private floor for a family or friends.